Awards – Say thank you!

Wood Plaques and shields with aluminium frontWood Plaques and shields with aluminium front
Unique Awards Designed for any occasionUnique Awards Designed for any occasion

Everyone likes to be appreciated. This is true in the business world too. But how can you reward loyalty from staff, suppliers or distribution partners?

We like to start by understanding what you are hoping to achieve, what your budget is and your timescales. With this information, we can provide a solution that is right for your business.

Clear Branding awards are available in a range of ‘off the peg’ styles, shapes and sizes. This is further complemented by our ability to create unique, bespoke awards designed just for you – there’s no better way to say thank you!

Solid Wood Plaques

Our classic real wood award plaques can be used both freestanding (with optional strut) or as a wall plaque.

Pillar Plaques

Metal faced plaques, available with real wood or veneered MDF bases, metal plates and clear acrylic front, supported by chrome pillars. (This needs to be filled out a bit)

Wood Veneered Plaque

A recognition plaque is a perfect way to reward excellence within your business, school or community. Available in a choice of landscape or portrait rectangular sizes.

Clear Acrylic Awards

Acrylic awards can be cut to almost any shape and size. The outside shape can be fully customised, the base can also be shaped and the central section of the award can be cut out to add extra interest.

Acrylic Pillar Awards

Acrylic pillar awards can be produced in beautiful 4 colour process print in metal only, or metal and front acrylic sheet.

Unique Award designed in remembrance of Maya

Bespoke Awards

With the variety of materials and design styles that we offer, we can create unique, standout awards that will give the recipient a truly memorable item.

Crystal & Glass Awards

Crystal and Glass Awards make a lasting statement in a beautiful ornament. The key difference between a glass award and a crystal award is the type of glass used. In the manufacturing process crystal has no lead added to create a much harder glass suitable for bevelling and cutting. Glass awards are typically thinner and have fewer details in the finishing.

Wood Awards

The epitome of elegance, solid wood awards are available in a selection of different woods and can be interwoven with acrylics and metals to create an original effect. We have a selection of standard shapes but we can produce any combination and shape you might like. The limit is only your imagination as we can print in four colour process on all the elements of your design whether wood, acrylic or metal.

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