Antimicrobial Name Badges

We are delighted to present the safest, most hygienic name badges ever!!!

Clear Branding launched its range of Antimicrobial badges earlier in 2020, which have been one of a number of positives for us this year. They were designed with the NHS and care staff in mind, but they are suitable for any business environment where hygiene is an everyday concern.

  • Eco recycled plastic base with Biomaster antimicrobial protection plus Pure Zone antimicrobial laminate surface finish.
  • Proven to reduce the growth of bacteria and other microbes by up to 99.99%, even antibiotic resistant bacteria such as MRSA.
  • Full colour printing with matt or gloss surface finish, which is alcohol resistant to protect the print.
  • Made in the UK by an award winning British manufacturer with ISO9001 quality accreditation and ISO14001 environmental certification.

Read about one of our happy customers!

A Medical Centre from Buckinghamshire contacted us in response to an email marketing campaign we sent out, advertising our new range of Antimicrobial name badges.

Clear Branding was told that the Medical Centre staff were required to clean their badges every day, using alcohol based cleaner. Unfortunately, they were experiencing issues with the condition of their badges. They were finding that the ink was running and smudging, causing staff names to become unreadable, and ultimately rendering the badges useless.

We were able to solve this problem by switching the staff badges to antimicrobial badges; which are proved to reduce the growth of bacteria and microbes by up to 99.99%. Therefore, the badges remain safe and hygienic and do not require cleaning daily as a result.

The Medical Centre will continue to order the antimicrobial badges for the foreseeable future.

Louis Baerentzen

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