Button Badges = Effective Marketing

During my years’ in business it never ceases to amaze me how customers miss marketing messages. Huge banners are placed at every conceivable vantage point in a shop or showroom both inside and out. ‘Sale Now On!’ in four foot high white lettering on a ‘throbbing’ red background, you can’t miss that, right?


What is the first question the salesperson gets asked? Yes you’ve guessed it. “When does your sale start?”.

Companies spend a small fortune on elaborate point of sale and achieve what the US military have been trying to develop since the birth of the arms race, complete stealth! Is this the key? Have the scientists got it wrong? Perhaps the easiest way to camouflage the USS Nimitz would be to festoon it ‘head to toe’ in Sale banners.

Strikes me that customers and the public at large absorb an astonishingly small amount of the marketing output that we all invest in. So what can make a difference? What will be seen?

The humble button badge has served as an effective ‘mini advert’ for years. In situ it falls into the natural line of sight of the customer and can convey a simple message with great effect.

Clear Branding button badges are available in a range of sizes suitable for your next campaign. Available in quantities from just 100 badges to millions (if required). Get in contact to see how we can help you create a more ‘visual’ marketing campaign.

Louis Baerentzen

About Louis Baerentzen

Louis is a multi-disciplined designer and illustrator in both print and digital media with a background in lead design. Well versed in creating work that involves input towards every facet of a businesses products, identity and marketing.

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