Coasters: An advert that can last years….

How do you get your customers to remember you? It goes without saying, you are competitive, you offer a great service and you are very professional.

Yet despite this when you look at your customer list there are some you no longer do work for. Where have they gone? Why do they use your competitors when you offer a better service?

Chances are they have forgotten you! Simple as that. But when you think about it that’s quite logical. Businesses change, people within the business change and before you know it you have been forgotten.

Surely there must be a simple, inexpensive, long lasting way to remind your customers who you are, what you do and how to contact you. Something that is inexpensive yet will remain in the office even when the people change.

A personalised aluminium coaster from Clear Branding is a cost effective, long life desk top gift item that will keep your contact information right where you want it on the desk, by the phone of your customer. Available in a choice of shapes and sizes in a variety of finishes it will keep your company in the eyes of your customers.

“A bit of your business in the heart of your customers business”.

Louis Baerentzen

About Louis Baerentzen

Louis is a multi-disciplined designer and illustrator in both print and digital media with a background in lead design. Well versed in creating work that involves input towards every facet of a businesses products, identity and marketing.

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