5 Event planning tips to avoid name badge nightmares

Event name badges – probably the most difficult thing to get right for any event and almost certainly it is the most hated task of the whole event management process. It is the most tedious part which will be revisited repeatedly throughout the event preparation schedule – who is coming? Have they cancelled? Who is replacing them? Who else wants to come?

Having worked in busy marketing departments I have tried to help and watched from afar as countless secretaries pull their hair out, swear and shout those fateful words “NOBODY PRINT!“ as the minute’s tick away to the event setup deadline. But the benefits will outway the pain for the attendees, and for you.

People love to hear their own name and it is a very convenient way to start a conversation getting chatting quickly and ultimately make contact without having to remember too much information. Having the essential information at hand is the key to finding new opportunities.

Networking is the reason to attend a business event or function. Effective, professional badges can guide and spark interaction and make an event even more effective for your attendees. Good name badges will prove their worth and make the day special for everyone.

Here are just five quick tips to get the event name badges just right:

  1. The Names of your attendees are the hardest part to pin down; they just keep changing – I know – I’ve been there but the best way to avoid this is to get the names as early as possible into a spreadsheet designate a member of your team to handle names and any changes should then be run through that person. Make sure you have a way to make some extra badges in case anyone turns up that hasn’t followed the normal registration process reusable window badges are a perfect solution!
  2. Use quality badges & be sensitive to guests attire; the type of badge you use reflects on your event – there are many options out there, clips, lanyards, magnets. Be sure the badges won’t damage fabrics and are placed in the right position – not in the pocket of your trousers – right breastbone is perfect.
  3. Brand your event; Have your event or company logo on the badges; Don’t be shy reflect your company design on the event badge. Boosting your brand recognition is priceless!
  4. Keep it clean; make sure the badge is clean and legible, all a badge requires is first name, last name, and company – you really need very little else. If the event is social rather than networking just leave it there, Simple is best in these environments – go for a large font – 17 – 24pt is perfect for the name – smaller for the company as its less important.
  5. Recycle your badges; make sure you collect the badges from your guests at the end of your event, its good for the environment and your wallet!

If you are running bigger events with a mix of proffesions then you could even use different colored graphics to show the industry or expertise the attendee is affiliated with to make it even easier for your attendees to negotiate the room.

If you are looking for event name badges Clear Branding has the perfect solution for you. The reusable window badge – not just any cheap and cheerful window badge – these badges bring a new level of luxury with a three-dimensional glossy domed finish, made and printed in the UK.

Our reusable event name badges come in a variety of materials and sizes which can be delivered to you in about a week or so from order – it does depend on how many badges you need – just ask when you are placing your order.

Clear Branding even provides a free online and offline tool so you can avoid the word template nightmares we all have come to dread. Upload your spreadsheet and then simply press print. Your badges are supplied with perforated sheets of high-quality A4 paper so that you can easily print the names of your guests quickly and without stress.

We hope your event goes without a glitch and these few tips will save you from any name badge nightmares.

If you require any badges for your event or you need window badges quickly, please let us know and we will see what we can do.

Louis Baerentzen

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