Hand Sanitiser Gel & Sanitiser Spray

hand sanitiser gel available ukhand sanitiser gel available uk

50ml Hand Sanitiser Gel &
50ml & 240ml Sanitiser Spray


Sanitisers, for Hands & Hard Surfaces
We are offering sanitisers at the best price we can and will profit share to charities from our sales. We are also prioritising essential services.

Hand Sanitiser Gel includes 60% Alcohol which is effective at destroying bacteria & viruses.
Sanitiser Spray for Hands & Hard Surfaces, includes 99% Alcohol. This is an all purpose alcohol spray for complete sanitisation of hands and all hard surfaces.

Both products approved for cosmetic use, but please note that frequent spraying on hands may cause skin dryness so regular application of regular hand cream after use is strongly recommended. Avoid all contact with other areas of skin and face.

50ml Hand Sanitiser Branded

50ml Hand Sanitiser Gel

@ £3.60 per bottle

50ml Sanitiser Spray (for hands & surfaces)

@ £2.50 per bottle

240ml sanitiser spray

240ml Sanitiser Spray (for hands & surfaces)

@ £3.60 per bottle

We are ethical!

We have not loaded the price on this product, we have applied our normal margin AND 10% of the profits on this product are being donated to Covid-19 Support & Local Charities affected by the outbreak!

(The Alcohol Sanitiser Spray is currently listed on Amazon at twice the price.)

Prices include delivery!

Included in the price is having the labelling with your own branding or company name on. Minimum order quantity of 50 bottles applies. If you are happy to have the bottles branded as Clear Branding a reduction of 10p applies per bottle.

Both products, UK made and bottles can be refilled if returned.

All prices + VAT

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