Name Badges are better by design

We all do it, no matter what industry we work in, we have an almost unhealthy obsession looking for the stuff, we make or sell, in everyday use. I have always thought the ultimate manifestation of this trait must be with architects or civil engineers. Imagine how satisfying it must be to be driving over the longest bridge in England and being able to puff out your chest and say “I designed this!!”

My unhealthy obsession is name badges. Sad, yes, but true. I am fascinated by the diverse variations of name badges in use today. Some companies issue their staff with well made, clearly high quality badges whilst others have tatty poorly executed examples. Companies spend millions on honing and refining their corporate image yet, to coin a phrase used by my grandfather “spoil the ship for a halfpenny of tar” when it comes to the provision of badges.

I accept that in the cold hard commercial world all is not as rosy as it could be. However, in the grand scheme of things, providing staff with a great quality badge should be attributed greater importance than it seems to be with many companies. The relative cost is small, yet the benefits in terms of relationship building and customer satisfaction are proven.

So what makes a good badge? In essence a badge is a badge, either metal or plastic, with a pin fitting or magnet. There is little to differentiate one badge from another. So why the polar extremes in badge quality? Essentially this can be answered by one word DESIGN. As marketeers we all get excited about the big project, the new store opening, the new illuminated signs, the fantastic new eye-catching POS. Yet have the name badges been thought about with the same level of planning, detail and design? From what I see often not. And that’s a real pity, because a staff badge can say so much about your business.

Because we are ‘badge architects’ when we see one of our badges we want to be able to puff out our chests and exclaim proudly “we designed and made that!” To this end we are offering a no obligation badge design service to ensure that your staff badges are something that we can all be proud of! To take advantage of our design expertise please request a quotation and design concept today.

Louis Baerentzen

About Louis Baerentzen

Louis is a multi-disciplined designer and illustrator in both print and digital media with a background in lead design. Well versed in creating work that involves input towards every facet of a businesses products, identity and marketing.

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