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Curiosity killed the cat! No this is not a reference to another 1980’s come back act, but an observation about human nature. We can’t help ourselves. Stand in the middle of a street and look skywards. Give it a minute or two and guess what? Other people will be trying to figure out what your looking at and will be staring skywards too.

We are instinctively curious. We do not want to miss out or be left out! It’s in our genes. So how can businesses capitalize on this most basic of human instincts?

QR codes are starting to pop up all over the place. These strange ‘maze like’ patterns are being added to websites, paper advertising and even projected onto the side of buildings.


Simple, they tap directly into the ‘can’t help myself’ curiosity of the human spirit. You’ve got a Smartphone. You’ve got music on it, pictures on it, last nights Coronation Street on it, what else can you do with it? Scan with it, that’s what!

That’s right the Smartphone can decode the QR pattern and satisfy the curiosity of the viewer. OK so how does this help business? For years we have all been trying to get customers to engage with our advertising and marketing output. The development of the QR code has finally answered the marketeers prayers. It allows them to create a ‘wormhole’ that transports the viewer, via their Smartphone, directly to your message. And the best bit – The audience can’t resist it!

SNA Manufacturing have launched a new range of QR coded marketing materials including name badges, button badges, lapel badges, name plates and coasters. The QR code could feature simple contact information for the user, a link to your specific promotion or product launch mini site or specific message as required. Find out more at our website at www.clearbranding.co.uk or, go on you know you want too, scan our QR code.

Louis Baerentzen

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Louis is a multi-disciplined designer and illustrator in both print and digital media with a background in lead design. Well versed in creating work that involves input towards every facet of a businesses products, identity and marketing.

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