Sanitiser Locations At Work

Hopefully, you have purchased hand sanitiser and dispensers for your workplace already, but fear not if you haven’t. Clear Branding has you covered! We have sanitising solutions for every company’s needs.

But where should you place the dispensers?

The location is crucial, sanitiser options must be easily accessible to encourage staff to use them. So make them visible and easily recognizable. We recommend they are positioned in ‘high traffic areas’ such as.

Meeting rooms

With a large number of people using these rooms, germs can be spread very easily. Having sanitiser here will reduce these germs being passed between individuals in the room, but also reduces the chance for germs to be taken outside of the room and transferred to other areas of the building.

Break Rooms

Arguably the most germ-ridden area of any office. Sanitiser here is a must; to encourage staff to sanitise before and after eating. This prevents any germs from being consumed by your staff and ultimately becoming unwell.


Another haven for germs is your staffs’ desks. Your employees spend huge amounts of each day here, constantly touching the desk, phone, and keyboards whilst eating, drinking, coughing or sneezing in these surroundings. We can’t recommend strongly enough that each staff member has their own desktop hand sanitisers.

Entry and Exits

It is vital to place sanitisers here to stop the spread of germs and infections in and out of your workplace.

In conclusion, it is crucial to use sanitiser in your workplace in the fight against the invisible COVID-19 virus.

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