The Perfect Corporate Gift?

So Summer is packing it’s suitcase and heading off to the Southern Hemisphere, presumably for a barbecue and a Christmas party on the beach. At this point I should warn you that we are a little more than a month away from the first play of Mistletoe and Wine (for Radio 2 listeners) and Fairy Tail Of New York on repeat (for those still listening to Radio 1). Amazing to think that less than a fortnight ago I got sunstroke whilst cutting the lawn – Only in England!

With the late ‘Indian Summer’ (Why is it called that?) it will lead us all in to a false sense of security that Christmas is ages away. Wrong! It’s coming, fast and before you know it you will be surrounded by turkey, presents, drunken relatives and if we are really unlucky four foot of snow!

So the vexed and troubling question is being asked by business people up and down the land “What shall we give our customers for Christmas?” Businesses invest millions in elaborate gifts for their customers. I remember one year, after a significant amount of meetings and discussions, the company (who will remain nameless) ‘invested’ a small fortune in sending it’s customers a bottle of wine. What’s wrong with that? I hear you cry. Well each bottle cost about £8.00, the wooden crate to put them in about the same and the distribution about the same again. Amazing £24.00 per customer on something that would only last a few minutes and be forgotten immediately after.

Surely the purpose of a corporate Christmas gift is two fold. Firstly to create a ‘warm and fuzzy feeling’ with the customer. And secondly something that should remind that customer about you! Otherwise what’s the point?

I wish I had known about the Clear Branding’s desk top calendar coaster during the wine discussions. From less than £1.20 each these personalised items hang about on customers desks for a whole year subtly reminding them about your business. Even better they cost next to nothing to post. So it’s a complete no brainer for a fraction of the cost you get something that lasts a whole year rather than a few minutes and gives a fantastic return on your investment.

Louis Baerentzen

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