Tiger Aviation Website Redesign Project

Tiger Aviation approached Clear Branding to urgently revamp their company website in November 2019.

The Clear Branding team swung into action and created a clear and concise working brief after initial meetings with the client.

Tiger Aviation were due to make an important presentation to a foreign government’s Ministry of the Interior; to provide specialist helicopter pilot training.

Just two weeks before the presentation, Tiger Aviation became aware that a competitor for the contract, had completely revamped their website. This showcased their rivals expertise, whilst looking more advanced and professional than Tiger’s original website.

The original website had been created on the entry-level WIX platform. As a result, it needed to be moved to a new hosting server and platform to improve its SEO potential. This ultimately allowed our new, bespoke template to be implemented quickly and efficiently for our client. This involved complex domain name management, to allow critical email communications to remain active during the change over.

Working closely with Tiger Aviation allowed us to identify areas for improvement. Consequently, we created a design that is mobile friendly and useable with Google translate, to ensure it looks fantastic and is user-friendly in a selection of languages.

We also discovered that Tiger Aviation had an unutilised image library, containing hundreds of images. These images became a key part of the new website design, and were prominently displayed alongside quick statistics from Tigers experience on every page of the website. After some further research we also identified that Tiger was a key player in the UK Helicopter pilot training industry and was responsible for providing almost a third of pilots trained in the UK. We agreed that this was something to be proud of and to shout about.

We created new areas on the website to clearly display their training programmes and promote the state of the art training school and facilities they have at their disposal.

Ultimately, we built a website that is easy to navigate whilst comprehensively showcasing Tiger Aviation’s vast expertise and capabilities.

Original Website consisted of 5 pages. Built and hosted on the WIX platform.

Site Architecture redesigned to promote training capabilities and experience

New Website Design implimented with Updated Site Strucutre and Copywriting

Brief: To create an engaging website showcasing experience, training capabilities and facilities available.

Website Requirements:

  • Work in multiple languages
  • Mobile friendly
  • Fast Loading
  • Improved SEO capabilties
  • Demonstraite Experience
  • Showcase Training Facilities
  • Allow Future Expansion

Time frame: 3 Weeks

Platform: WordPress

Services: Graphic Design, Website Design, Copywriting, Web Development, Domain Name Management

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