Valentines Around The World

At Clear Branding Valentines Day means more to us than the commercialization. For us, it is all about the giving, sharing and most importantly showing appreciation and commitment during the celebration of love. So please help us, help you, show your customers the love and appreciation they deserve with the following offers.

So Where Does Valentines Day Originate?

Well legend has it that St Valentine was a priest from Rome in the 3rd Century AD. He arranged secret marriages even though they had been banned by Emperior Claudius II. Once St Valentine’s secret was discovered, he was jailed and sentenced to death.

In a brief improvement in his fortunes, and a slight increase in the cheeriness as this post, he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter. As he was being taken to his execution on 14th February, he wrote a letter to his love, and signed off…

‘from your Valentine’ (could we do this in a signature style writing?)

How do Valentines Day celebrations vary worldwide?

In the UK and USA alike, the 14th February is a celebration of love, with couples typically buying each other gifts and cards as signs of their love and appreciation for one another.

Danish women earn Easter eggs

Women in Denmark can earn themselves an Easter egg if they correctly guess which admirer sent them a ‘gaekkebrev’ (a joking letter). However, if their detective skills fail them, they owe their admirer an easter egg.

Is Paris the romance capital of the world?

Maybe… but it hasn’t always been that way. The ancient French custom called ‘une loterie d’amour’ or ‘drawing of love’ involved singletons of all ages entering houses facing each other. They would proceed to call to each other and pair off. Men who weren’t satisfied could simply leave one women for another.

The unmatched women would gather for a large bonfire and ceremoniously burn the pictures of the men who wronged them. Unfortunately, this proved so uncontrollable that the government had to ban the tradition.

Celebrating Saint Dwynwen

You are highly unlikely to find the Welsh celebrating St Valentine on the 14th February. They favour celebrating Saint Dwynwen, the welsh patron saint of lovers on 25th January instead.

A Brazilian Family Affair

In Brazil Valentines Day is a chance to share gifts and dinner with friends, family and lovers.

There are pigs everywhere!

In Germany it is typical to find pigs everywhere, they are believed to symbolize luck and lust. Couple will give pigs pictures, figurines and chocolate pigs to one another as signs of affection.

Mexican Day of Love

In Mexico the day of love is a day where they show their appreciation to lovers and friends by gifting balloons, flowers and cards etc

St Valentine-Patron Saint of Spring

In Slovenia St Valentine is regarded as the patron saint of spring. Tradition suggests that birds mate and ‘marry’ on the 14th February.

Year Round Love

In South Korea they have no specific valentines day tradition, but instead they favour a day of love on the 14th day of each month throughout the year.

National Chocolate Day

In Ghana they celebrate National Chocolate Day on February 14th. This was a step taken by the government in 2007 in order to increase the money taken by their national chocolate industry.

Love makes the world go around!

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