Branded Promotional Merchandise & Gifts

What’s the best way to engage with new customers to guarantee successful business growth? Numerous studies have concluded that giving customers and prospects a gift greatly increases the chances of them selecting your services rather than those of a competitor. 

Corporate gifts have a significant advantage over other forms of advertising or promotion. They last a long time. Think about it. A newspaper advert lasts a day or two. TV advertising lasts a few seconds and an email can end up in your junk box. Compare this to a branded pen, which can often be carried around in your bag and be on your desk for at least six months. 

Clear Branding’s range of branded promotional gifts is ethically sourced and we can provide advice on design, branding, colour and the choice of product itself.

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At this difficult time, we are sure you would like a regular update about our PPE and Hand Gel products. We are sending emails once or twice a week to ensure our customers have the first opportunity to purchase our UK stocks - products available at extremely fast turnarounds from just 48hrs from order to delivery.