Everyone needs bags, especially now that plastic bags are quite rightly being phased out by supermarkets. So a promotional printed reusable bag is always a well received corporate gift. A bag has many uses and should be considered as a perfect giveaway at a trade show, exhibition or conference. Branding options are comprehensive and the large surface area offers an extensive ‘billboard’ for your brand or marketing message.

Our bag range extends from shoppers to larger luggage items. This is great for teams going on tour or for carrying sales samples. It’s worth considering which sized bag would be most appropriate for your particular audience and purpose, then discussing options with one of our team of experts. 

Giving away a promotional bag associates your business with a useful practical item. This association creates a positive view of your business and can result in increased brand loyalty, particularly with Generation Z customers. 

With the spotlight on reducing plastic consumption and with us all under pressure to re-use our bags, there is an increased demand for good quality, sustainable alternatives.

Why not capitalise on the public mood and consider a branded bag for your next marketing campaign?

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