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Our team are well prepared to give you some great ideas based on your event theme, promotion or marketing strategies. We can tailor a package to your budget as well as your goals.

Be it branded fidget spinners, the latest eco-friendly reusable mugs or the latest technology we have the right solution for you.

Some interesting items available at the moment which are well beyond the norm are Pop Sockets. These incredibly useful mobile accessories are rapidly becoming popular. By attaching them to the back of your phone they can be used as a stand or grip, ideal for texting or video chat.

Smart wallet devices also look good as they allow you to ditch the traditional wallet and just carry your phone. Branding them is a great way to keep your message prominent in the user’s world – remember it needs to be a fashion statement as well as your message and logo so use the area wisely for the best effect.

Umbrellas are an obvious corporate gift but have you thought sunglasses?

Well, we can understand why here in the UK they might not be at the top of your corporate gift shopping list but if your stand is at an outdoor exhibition and there’s a hot summer forecast, then these are a must-have for the stand! They aren’t just the tacky plastic versions these days either, they come in a wide variety of finishes and styles.

Team them up with a microfibre sunglasses pouch, get your staff on the stand wearing them and you’re sure to get some excellent engagement. You can increase your engagement even more by running a selfie competition through your social media and there you have it. An excellent giveaway that provides online traction and a positive sales uplift while making the customers super happy at the same time.

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