Mugs and Drinkware

The cost of acquiring customers can be a seriously costly activity. But what works best?

Advertising is becoming increasingly diluted. More and more channels require an increased budget to achieve coverage. Does it really achieve a sound return on investment?

Branded mugs and drinkware make great promotional gifts even if you are not working within the food and drink sectors. The branding area is of a good size, you can add a funny image or memorable message,  and as our mugs are of excellent quality they are likely to last months or even years. So that means that your brand is seen several times a day by your customers. 

Why not fill one of our mugs with some of our branded confectionery? This type of branded Christmas gift is likely to be well-received by anyone. While the sweets will be eaten fairly rapidly, the mug will have a much longer shelf life. 

Combining a gift with your business proposal might just give you the edge when it comes to impressing a potential customer. Talk to a member of our team about the range we have on offer. 

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