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Your opportunity to get involved and make a difference

A collective of British promotional merchandise manufacturers, in partnership with NHS charity HEROES, have come together to launch a new campaign raising urgent funds for our incredible NHS frontline staff.

HEROES, founded by a group of frontline NHS workers, is a fundraiser providing on-the-ground support to healthcare workers fighting the Covid19 pandemic.

By purchasing any of the promotional gifts from our FrontlinePromo range, a minimum of 25% of the manufacturers standard unit costs will be donated directly to HEROES.


MOQ of 50

Product Name: Button Badges – a classic way to show your support for a great cause. The most cost-effective badges around, but a very effective way to always show you care and raise awareness at the same time.

Details: 38mm diameter, UK made using recycled paper and of all-steel construction so easily recycled in any home or office.


MOQ of 25

Product Name: 12cm Teddy in a T-shirt – send someone a hug, how better to show you care for our NHS Heroes and send some love to friends, colleagues and customers than with their very own teddy bear? A great expression of compassion to any recipient.

Details: 12cm tall when sitting, plush fabric with hollow fibre filling and a printed white T-shirt.


MOQ of 50

Product Name: Trolley Coin Keyrings – for whenever you need to shop. We’re limited as to where we can all go at the moment, for very good reason, but the supermarket trip is one we all need to make. These trolley coin keyrings are a great reminder to people of our great NHS Heroes every time they shop.

Details: 23mm diameter white coin UK made from 100% recycled plastic with a silver ‘lobster’ keyring clip.


MOQ of 50

Product Name: Clutch Pin Badges – wear a lapel pin badge with pride as it’s helping our NHS Heroes. The classic club or society badge used to show you and your friends, family and colleagues are part of a great fundraising movement to support NHS Heroes.

Details: 38X30mm oblong, UK made from white plastic with a clear dome finish and self-adhesive clutch pin fitting.


MOQ of 25

Product Name: Domed Silver Finish Keyring – carry your support with you wherever you go. Everyone needs keys, and a keyring demonstrating your support for NHS Heroes is a classic way to promote their cause and your association with it to friends, colleagues and customers.

Details: 55X20mm rounded oblong, UK made from a lightweight silver finish aluminium composite with clear dome finish and plastic connector to a split ring.


MOQ of 50

Product Name: SeedsticksTM – grow your way to a good nights sleep in troubled times. These seed stocks are a fantastic gift idea for friends, colleagues and customers – simply plant the lavender seed sticks in a pot and watch them grow, improving the ambience in any room. So easy to post out and with the great message attached to supporting NHS Heroes.

Details: 83X83mm cross-shaped seed stick pack containing lavender seeds.


MOQ of 25

Product Name: Heroes AquaMax Hydrate – a high-quality bottle for life, each one providing support for our frontline heroes. At your desk, in the park, when exercising – you need to keep hydrated and NHS Heroes need the funds these bottles generate. A great item to friends, colleagues and customers whilst showing your support.

Details: 750ml capacity, UK made Tritan Sports Bottle with full-colour digital print. Comes with 360 wrap print area and is fully dishwasher safe. A reusable bottle for life.


MOQ of 25

Product Name: Metal Coaster – a permanent reminder, seen every day, of our frontline heroes and the support they need. Send them to friends, colleagues and customers who you can’t see right now to show you’re supporting NHS Heroes in their time of need.

Details: 89mm diameter, UK made from silver grain finish aluminium with cork backing


MOQ of 25

Product Name: Heroes Olympic 750 with dustcap – hydrate your way to helping NHS Heroes. Good hydration is important at any time, though particularly now as we must all stay healthy as our part in supporting the NHS. Keep hydrated and raise funds for NHS Heroes at the same time – perfect!

Details: 750ml capacity, UK made biodegradable sports bottle, comes complete with dust cap to help protect the mouth piece. Fully recyclable and dishwasher safe to 55C.


MOQ of 25

Product Name: Lip Balm in an Aluminium Tin – Great flavours in a natural base making a great gift to promote your support for our NHS heroes to friends, colleagues and customers.

Details: 10ml tin, 38mm diameter domed labels, A natural base lip balm with cocoa butter and coconut oil in a recyclable aluminium tin with a flat twist lid that gives the perfect surface for the labels showing the design. Available in Apple (G571404), Tropical Fruit (G571406), Vanilla (G571407), Blackcurrant (G571409) and Coconut (G571411).


MOQ of 50

Product Name: Ribbon Bugs – quirky and eyecatching, a great way to promote support for NHS Heroes. They’re cute and colourful these bugs with a great space on the ribbon demonstrating your support to not only friends, colleagues and customers – but their kids will love them too.

Details: 35X120mm ribbon attached to our own Heroes bug.


MOQ of 25

Product Name: Natural Sleep Balm in an Aluminium Tin – A relaxing sleep balm with aromatherapeutic benefits of lavender and patchouli to help you, your colleagues and customers unwind and enjoy a better night’s sleep, calming the senses to help look fresh and revitalised by the morning.

Details: 10ml tin, 38mm diameter domed labels, Natural, paraben-free formula. Supplied in a recycled, slimline, aluminium tin with screw-on lid.


MOQ of 50

Product Name: Magnetic Bookmark – even when reading at home you can show your support. Not only a practical gift now that most of us have the time for a good book, but also a highly cost-effective way of getting and keeping that message out there about supporting frontline Heroes.

Details: 30X100mm laminated recycled card bookmark with magnetic attachment.


MOQ of 50

Product Name: Campaign Ribbon & Card – another classic way of wearing your support for our NHS Heroes for all to see. Let people know when out on those essential trips that you’re supporting frontline NHS staff by wearing a campaign ribbon with pride!

Details: Satin ribbon supplied on a backing card.


MOQ of 50

Product Name: Window Stickers – they’re self cling, no adhesive, so you can go wild in spreading the word about supporting NHS Heroes. Inside the windows of cars, homes, offices – wherever you can, let’s get these stickers out there to show our support far and wide. Cheap and easy to post out – everywhere should have one to raise as much money as possible.

Details: 50X200mm self cling window decoration.


MOQ of 15

Product Name: Frosted Logo Cupcakes – how’s that for a unique idea, eating our way to supporting our Fronline Heroes. These freshly baked cupcakes have a swirl of frosting and an edible logo on the icing topper. The tastiest way to raise funds ever.

Details: 40mm print area on the icing for our edible inks. Nine colour cake case options.

HOW IT WORKS: The more you buy, the cheaper the products become for you, but the more you’re raising for NHS Heroes. Either buy with the standard design shown in the picture or we can help you design your own personalised version and, as long as the HEROES logo, and preferably their web address is included on it we’ll make a donation.

Minimum order may differ depending on the product you choose between the standard minimum quantity and the personalised quantity.

Simply contact us with how many you want of either the standard design or your own and we’ll confirm all costs and the guaranteed donation we would make to HEROES on receipt of your order and payment.


  1. Select any item from the Frontline Promo collection
  2. All merchandise in the collection is supplied pre-branded with the HEROES logo
  3. Add further customisation with a corporate logo or campaign message
  4. With every item sold, a minimum of 25% of the manufacturers standard unit costs will be donated directly to HEROES

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