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Personalised Name Badges UK ManufacturedPersonalised Name Badges UK Manufactured
Reusable Window Name Badges UK ManufacturedReusable Window Name Badges UK Manufactured
Promotional Button Badges UK ManufacturedPromotional Button Badges UK Manufactured
Lapel Pin Badges UK ManufacturedLapel Pin Badges UK Manufactured
Enamel BadgesEnamel Badges

Namebadges for customer service

Along with a smile and a polite offer of help, your name badge helps to create the right first impression on your customers. They know your name, they feel a connection with you – that’s vital for great customer service.

We know that a well-designed, high quality staff name badge makes the wearer a member of the team, means that they feel more accountable for how they act and are more likely to offer customers a memorable experience.

We offer a range of name badges in a variety of personalised styles, and for a highly cost-effective solution, have a look at our re-useable badges.

Personalised Name Badges UK Manufactured

Better by design

Understanding your business is fundamental to this process. Our designers will work in partnership with your branding team to create a badge that all your staff will be proud to wear. A badge that reflects your business perfectly. Our standard name badge solutions offer a wide range of choice in both sizes and finishes. However, we can also create unique and exclusive designs just for your business.

Get in touch today for an initial consultation with our team and discover how easy it is to have your perfect badge designed for you.

Personalised Name Badges UK Manufactured

Personalised Name Badges

Permanently printed name badges manufactured in a variety of materials including aluminium, plastic, acrylic and wood.

A choice of shapes, sizes and material finishes to suit your corporate design.

Reusable Window Name Badges UK Manufactured

Re-usable Name Badges

The perfect solution for businesses with higher levels of staff churn. Each badge is printed with your own corporate design and personalised using our Addprint labelling solution. Labels can be printed using any desktop printer.

Conference and Event Name Badges UK Manufactured

Conference & Event Badges

Our simplest name badge solution. It is a perfect, cost-effective and re-usable name badge which enables you to keep your costs down without compromising on usability. All our products are engineered to the highest quality so our simplest namebadge is truly great value.

Photo ID badges and lanyards UK Manufactured

Photo Id Badges

Made from either high-quality aluminium or plastic and printed to your exact specification our range of photo ID badges are a must for any security conscious business.

Promotional Shaped Badges UK Manufactured

Promotional Badges

Promotional badges are a low cost, an incredibly effective method of conveying promotional or educational messages. Highly visible mini billboards that can take the form of the ever-popular button badge or for more flamboyant designs we can work in board, plastic, metal and wood. There are few design limitations.

Lapel Pin Badges UK Manufactured

Lapel Pin Badges

A wide range of lapel pin badges perfect for carrying logos or subtle messages. Available in a wide range of materials, shapes and styles. For a deluxe appearance, we can also offer premium enamel badges with a longer lead time. We would be delighted to work with you on your next project.

Enamel Badges High Quality

Enamel Badges

Enamel badges have been used in every facet of life, from long service awards to your school prefect badges they offer a small but important notice to other people of your achievement or your community.

Personalised Name Badges Colour Pallet UK Manufactured


All our badges are printed in CMYK but we can screen print and will always pantone match to your requirements. We can hold gradients and will advise you on your artwork to get the best possible results.

Metal Plastic Wood Personalised Name Badges UK Manufactured


All our badges come in various material options. Our only restriction relates to the viability and quality of print on the product itself. It is not recommended, for example, to print coasters using a chrome finish. Although it looks great, the print will degrade rapidly and scratch during use. We would recommend brushed aluminium as it is durable and will not degrade in the same way, maintaining your company’s images for years to come.

Personalised Name Badge Fittings UK Manufactured


We provide a wide veriaty of fittings for our badges including magnetic badge fitting, pin badges and crocodile clips. If you have a special requirement then please get in touch as we have many more options available.

Easy Printing For Personalised Name Badges UK Manufactured

Perforated Inserts

Our reusable window badges are supplied with perforated name cards on A4 sheets. The AddPrint software makes creating replacement labels super quick and super easy. Simply enter the details required and print your cards through a desktop printer. Get in touch to find out more about AddPrint.

online ordering of Name Badges UK Manufactured

Order Management

We understand that managing your staff badge requirements can be a time-consuming task. With that in mind, we have developed LitePrint, our easy to use, web-based order management solution. This system can be fully customised around the requirements of your business. Please get in touch to see how the system works and the benefits to your business.

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