Nameplate Holders

Nameplates, Holders, Desk Nameplates, bespoke nameplatesNameplates, Holders, Desk Nameplates, bespoke nameplates

Workspace flexibility is taking on greater importance within businesses. Nameplate holders and reusable nameplates help to manage these workspaces in a way that identifies the desk number, the user and availability of the desk or cubicle is vital for workplace harmony and overall organisation.

We supply a range of nameplate holders that can accept temporary card inserts or more permanent printed nameplates manufactured in durable aluminium or plastics.

We understand that a ‘one fits all’ approach is often too limiting for many businesses and you need a more tailored solution based on your specific demands. This is where our product design experts can create a solution based on your own unique specification. For an initial consultation please get in touch.

Name Plate Holders Double or single Sided
Budget Nameplates Plastic or aluminium

Budget Nameplates

Our budget nameplate holders offer practical functionality at a great price. Suitable for self-printed paper inserts this is a cost-effective, yet impressive looking nameplate solution. Available in a range of sizes and applications, holder styles are suitable for office partitions, desktops, doors, walls and computer monitor tops.

Classic Metal Nameplate Holders

Classic Metal Nameplate Holders

Classic metal nameplate holders are ideal for desk or door use. Our holders can accept a choice of card, plastic or metal inserts and this reusable style ensures total flexibility and excellent return on investment. Print your own inserts using our Addprint online software or for metal and plastic plates, we can offer a flexible prepaid call off solution managed online. These items provide many years of use and are therefore great value for money.

Bespoke Nameplates for open offices


Manufactured from aluminium fabrications and faced in 2mm acrylic, our premium nameplates blend contemporary styling with practical functionality. Available in a range of sizes and applications, our holder styles are suitable for office partitions, desktops, doors, walls and computer monitor tops. Inserts can be printed onto card using your own office printer (Use our printing software for the perfect solution) or on durable aluminium plates. We would be pleased to discuss your exact requirements and design a solution for you.

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