Enamel Badges

Enamel BadgesEnamel Badges

What we need to know about your order

For you to receive the highest quality enamel badges, we need to know a few details about your order. This is one of the few products we don’t manufacture in the UK and very few manufacturers make them.

When do you need them by?

This seems like a simple question but if you take into account the amount of time it’s going to take to make and ship the badges plus the length of time you will need to sign off your artwork and designs you could be looking at 6 weeks from start to finish.

From the moment of sign off to delivery, it will be at least 3-4 weeks but for urgent or short-run orders we can shorten the delivery time by a week.

What quality are you looking for?

Again this sounds like an obvious question but in reality, the type of metals we use and the printing techniques we have available will very much impact on the price. If you want a cheaper price then the technique we use will be different.

  • Hard Enamel – Copper Stamped
  • Soft Enamel -Copper Stamped
  • Copper Stamped – No Colour
  • Soft Enamel – Iron Stamped

And Finally…

Once we have these details, we will then need the artwork in order to give accurate pricing along with colours and the metal plate colour. Areas left unprinted will be aluminium or brass or they can be plated in silver, gold, copper or bronze.

The fitting is the final thing we need to know and then we can price your job perfectly.

Enamel Bages

Hard Enamel (Cloisonne) – Copper Stamped

The highest quality original hard enamel, this is the most expensive option. These badges are stamped / die struck copper providing a hard-wearing finish. Colours are filled to the same level as metal to provide a smooth finish. Limited range of 156 colours. 

  • No Pantone matching. 
  • Colours never fade or alter. 
  • Longest lasting, hardest wearing.

Hard Enamel – Copper Stamped

New/Imitation hard enamel badges . Hard Enamel option. Stamped / die struck copper providing a hard wearing finish. Colours filled to the same level as metal to provide a smooth finish.

Soft Enamel – Copper Stamped

The best quality soft enamel. Stamped / die struck copper. Colours just painted into recesses. The surface feels indented. Not normally epoxy coated.

Soft Enamel – Iron Stamped – (with hard epoxy coat)

One of the least expensive badges, but good quality. These are best suited to high volume & / or low cost promotions with simpler designs where price is crucial. 

  • Stamped / Die struck Iron/steel. 
  • Normally with the epoxy coat, but can be without.

Soft Enamel – Copper Photo Etched – (with hard epoxy coat)

The best option for fine detail or large area badges. The design is etched into copper which produces finer keylines between colours than die stamping. Normally these come with the epoxy coat, but can be without.

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