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Banner Base CB SLIM COVID19

Copper Antibacterial Film 1000mm x 400mm

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Looking for quick solution on making your lifts/elevators buttons, doors and day to day objects that are touched by various people?

Then this could be the quick solution for any project and perfect for those on a budget.

Recent studies have looked at Covid-19 and its persistence on different surfaces. The evidence suggests that Copper has both antiviral and antibacterial properties, with the results showing that Covid-19 can be eradicated in as little as 5 minutes on a copper surface when compared with other metals.

With this evidence in mind we are now selling adhesive copper sheets that can be placed over surfaces that hands will come into contact with frequently. Examples include elevator buttons, door panels, door handles, stair bannisters, bank machines, tables and printers. The list is endless

Sheet dimensions : 400 mm X 1000 mm

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