Merchandise Management

At Clear Branding we have a lot of experience of working with companies to ensure that their branding remains consistent across a wide range of products, and in multiple locations.

Our ability to deliver to multiple locations and individual members of your team makes the whole process much easier. You deal with one supplier and we manage the rest for you.

Call the team now on 01584 819777 or order via email (link). We operate a simple no fuss system that enables you to order stock items easily.


What do you need?

We have a wide range of trusted suppliers for all your marketing and merchandising needs. With this access you just specify your list of products or make suggestions if required.

We will make it look great

We will work with your marketing team or design agency to sign off designs that are on brand and have sufficient flexibility to change within your guidelines in order accomodate all eventualities. Once complete these ae the nly designs that your locations can order and we will defend them through thorough process evaluation.

If something changes just let us know and we can update items at source either straight away so all future orders will be the new designs or on a specific date to ensure the smooth roleout across your organisation.

The right solution – fast

When your team needs any items we organise the printing and shipping to any number of addresses – anywhere in the world. Quickly and efficiently without the need to re-engage your marketing team for design and proofing.

We deliver

We will dispatch your products to any addresses you might require as soon as they are ready – normally just 5 working days – faster if you need it in a hurry.

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