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Why not sweeten that business deal, while being kinder to the planet at the same time
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Eco Confectionery

Why not sweeten that business deal, while being kinder to the planet at the same time, with Clean Branding’s eco range of corporate confectionery. Your company can really give the right impression with this sugary selection of branded goodies – from chocolate to Skittles, jellybeans to Mint Imperials; all available in environmentally-friendly packaging.

And, just because the packaging is more eco-friendly, that doesn’t mean it’s boring. For starters, you can choose from yummy Jelly – or Jolly – beans, mints and Beanies; all beautifully packed in cool looking, FSC certified cardboard in the shape of a delivery van, which can be recycled or composted when finished with.

A good alternative is our plant-based pots of Skittles that can also be composted, or our Eco 12 Baton Box
Chocolate Bar that’s wrapped in eco film and recyclable cardboard. If you prefer something more traditional, there’s our sleek pocket tin that can be filled with mints or Jelly Beans – perfect for gifting to someone – so, next time you want to promote your company, or show your appreciation, an eco sweet treat will really go a long way.




Another fab eco treat is the Eco Hex Tube Jelly Bean Factory. The packaging is fully brandable food safe grade white card; can be printed full colour with your design, and is filled to the brim with Jelly Bean Factory Beans. You can choose your brand colours from the JBF Menu or stick with the Gourmet Mix which has 36 flavours!


Mint Imperials are always a popular choice – especially after eating a spicy meal! – and these Eco Maxi Box full of Mint Imperials will also prove to be a firm favourite with your clients and colleagues. The box is made from sustainably sourced packaging, can be composted/recycled and give your logo plenty of space to look...well, sweet on. Enjoy! 
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