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Reusable Name Badges

The perfect choice for businesses that have medium to high levels of staff turnover.
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Reusable Name Badges

Join the sustainable revolution and make a lasting impression with our reusable badges.

Reusable badges are the perfect choice for businesses that have medium to high levels of staff turnover. This solution enables the badge name to be changed with ease as staff leave and join the business without incurring the additional cost of ordering a whole new badge.

Whether you're hosting a conference, trade show, corporate event – or even wedding – our reusable badges are designed to meet your needs. They are ideal for employees, attendees, and exhibitors, ensuring seamless identification and networking opportunities.

Other than the obvious savings associated with this style of badge there is an environmental benefit too. From our experience, a window badge typically lasts at least three times longer than the equivalent personalised name badge. The backs of the badges are manufactured from 100% recycled plastics, and at their end of life can, in turn, be recycled again.

The Addprint window badge labelling solution ensures names can be printed immediately from any A4 desktop printer with absolute accuracy. The perfect solution for conference badges, visitor badges and new starters who can have their badge within minutes of joining the team.

Metal Faced Reusable Name Window Badges


Matt Finish Reusable Name Window Badges


Blackboard Reusable Name Badges


Gloss Finish Reusable Name Window Badges

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