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Anti-microbial badges

The safest, most hygienic name badges ever – at no additional cost to a normal name badge.
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Hygienic name badges

Designed to help protect people in care environments who need to get close to patients. A name badge can get particularly close and even be in the direct line of harmful bacteria.

The special additives to the badge base and laminate surface finish are proven to reduce the growth of bacteria and other microbes by up to 99.99%, even antibiotic-resistant bacteria such as MRSA. Both materials are tested according to ISO22196 standards.

These badges can be produced in a vast range of sizes, shapes, material and fitting/clips. Not all of them have a minimum quantity, give us a call to find out which are fast turn around items.

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The anti-microbial badge supports a range of fittings to suit any material, fabric or surface.


  • Eco recycled plastic base with Biomaster antimicrobial protection added
  • Wide choice of fittings – pins, clips and magnets
  • Full colour printing with matt or gloss surface finish, which is alcohol resistant to protect the print
  • Includes the choice of either a gloss or matt Pure Zone antimicrobial laminate surface finish.
  • Pay as you go, stock holding and monthly payment accounts all available

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