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A bag has many uses other than just holding some shopping items
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Bags can sometimes be overlooked as marketing tools, but this can be a mistake as they not only provide a reasonably-sized front/back surface ‘billboard’ area for a logo and slogan, they are also the perfect giveaway item at a trade show, exhibition or conference – oh, and not forgetting, they’re bags so, you know, they’re useful for carrying stuff too!

Our fantastic range extends from shoppers to larger luggage items; this is ideal for sales teams going on tour and needing that extra space for all those samples. And with environmental issues being a pressing concern, you’ll be happy to know we have an eco range which replaces the plastic with more sustainable alternatives like recycled cotton, paper and bamboo fibre cotton.

So, next time you’re thinking what’s a good marketing item to use, let our bags do the heavy lifting for you!

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