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Thoughtfully designed with the environment in mind.
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Eco Bags

Our eco range is thoughtfully designed with the environment in mind. We have meticulously chosen materials that minimise our ecological footprint, ensuring that every pen you use helps reduce plastic waste and supports a healthier planet. 

By incorporating our branded eco pens into your marketing strategy, you'll be aligning your brand with sustainability and sending a powerful message to your audience. 

Choose our eco pens and let your brand stand out while contributing to a greener, more sustainable future. We have a fantastic range, including bamboo, wood, wheatstraw, recycled cardboard and renewable biobased raw materials

Intrepid 8oz Recycled Canvas Shopper

 Your clients will be carried away with this super environmentally-friendly Intrepid 8oz Recycled Canvas Shopper bag, made from 100% recycled canvas.

Not only does it look great, it’s practical and, with it’s green credentials, will give your brand a massive boost – helping to attract like-minded consumers and build loyalty. All natural bags are made from 100% recycled canvas. Dyed bags are made from 70% recycled cotton and 30% rPET materials.

Invincible 5oz natural cotton shopper

 The Invincible 5oz natural cotton shopper is the perfect promotional item for getting your brand noticed at all those networking and trade events. Just think, not only is this bag reusable – it’s made from recyclable cotton – but you could put other promo items inside, like pens, pencils, T-shirts, whatever really!

Rainham Drawstring Backpack Bag

The Rainham Drawstring Backpack Bag comes in a whole range of eye-popping colours and is environmentally friendly thanks to its partly-recycled REACH compliant* 80 gsm Non Woven Polypropylene material. This is super practical as you can fit over 3kg in this little bundle of joy, but this great bag also provides you with plenty of space for printing your logo across it – getting your brand out there in style.

Chatham Budget Tote Shopper

 The Chatham Budget Tote Shopper not only carries your brand around those shows and exhibitions effortlessly – holding nearly 4kg – it comes in a choice of bold red or light blue colours and is made from partly recycled 70gsm Non Woven Polypropylene.

Majestic Jute Bag

 Majestic by name, majestic by nature, this large bag is made from Jute, and features an amazingly big print area for your logo, but that’s not also has really deep (25cm) gussets, and could be the perfect reusable shopping bag, or let’s face it, the best promo bag for trade and networking events. 100% biodegradable and fully sustainable.

Luxury Paper Bag with rope handles

 So, if you thought paper bags were, well just paper bags, think again! These luxury paper bags with rope handles come in white or black; with either a glossy or matt lamination that makes them look very cool and classy indeed. Each bag comes fitted with short hand-held ropes, and best of all, they have a massive printing area so your business’ logo will look amazing – especially as it can be screen printed in a single colour onto one or both sides. And that’s not all...even if you’ve left things to the last minute, these bags can be turned around in just 7 days after proof approval. You can thank us later!
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