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So easy that anyone can do it…seriously!
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Let’s face it; no one likes organising staff or event badges. Last minute additions and changes conspire to cause administrators frustration and there are always some delegates who turn up on the day. Trying to keep up with this can be a real headache.  So we have made sure you have what you need to Make It Easy.

Addprint is the perfect answer – an ‘on the spot’ print solution that keeps you ahead of the game and looking totally organised and professional.

Web2Print software is available to use online or can be downloaded to a Windows or Mac computer. The software enables you to create and print professional labels, either by entering names individually or by uploading a spreadsheet.

So easy that anyone can do it…seriously!

How much does it cost?

This is the best part – Web2Print is 100% free when bought with any of our window badge solutions.

Are window badges environmentally friendly?

Absolutely. The aluminium versions are fully recyclable but even better, the badges are reusable. Simply change names after every event using our perforated sheets which will reduce waste by printing perfectly every time.


Open the template supplied for your badge size your favourite desktop publishing application.


Make sure your perforated badge insert sheet is the same size as your badge and your software template.


Place your sheet in your printer and hit print (make sure you have filled in all the names you will need)


Tear out each name card – you might want to use some scissors to make sure you have a clean edge.


Insert each name into your window badges. If you are going to an event – make sure you have a couple of extra sheets available for those late comers.


Hand out your badges and have a great event!
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