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Eco Tech

Set your brand apart from competitors with Clear Branding’s beautifully designed, planet-friendly promotional gadgets that capture attention and spark conversations. Not only will you be amazed by the wide variety on offer, you’ll be equally impressed at how beauty and functionality have all been seamlessly combined using sustainable materials. For starters, bamboo and other wood materials have been used expertly to make such hi-tech accessories like wireless chargers, USB flash drives and keyrings.

Don’t fancy that? Then how about wheat straw chargers, recycled plastic Bluetooth headphones – not forgetting wireless speakers made using cork – and that’s just scratching the surface! We think you’ll agree, when it comes to getting your business out there, with a view towards being mindful about the environment, ticking those green boxes has never been easier or more exciting.

Bamboo Power Bank

Hi-tech never looked this cool and unique – so just imagine how your colleagues and clients will react when you present them with this bamboo-clad marvel. Packed with 6000mAh capacity, a DC5V/2A output current, and best of all, you get a USB cable with a Type C plug so there’ll be no charging issues at all. Aside from its natural charm and superb charging capabilities, this genius creation comes with an indicating light, keeping you in the loop on the power play, so get ready to be impressed!  

Bamboo Wireless Charger

This 10W Bamboo wireless charger has a sleek bamboo top and a high-tech ABS base – so charging your device has never been so stylish and sustainable. Simply connect the charger to your computer, place your smartphone on it, and watch the magic happen. With a lightning-fast output of DC 9V/1.10A (10W), your phone will be ready to go in no time. This charger is not just compatible with the latest Androids but also plays nice with iPhone® 8, X, and newer models. And as you’ve probably already noticed; this lovely bit of eco-friendly kit looks amazing too, so this gizmo is the perfect marketing gadget and will leave your brand in a very good-looking position.

Wireless Bamboo Speaker

This compact and portable 5.3 wireless speaker makes for a great gift as its natural bamboo cover will complement any setting perfectly – and your music will sound even better, especially as you’ll be able to connect your smartphone and listen wherever you are. The speaker has a 300 mAh rechargeable Li-Ion battery which has an approximate playing time of 2 hours when fully charged.  
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