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Glass branding not only looks cool, it’s also an environmentally-friendly product.
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When you want to make a good impression immediately then having your logo or slogan branded on our range of glassware is sure to turn heads.

Glass branding not only looks cool, it’s also an environmentally-friendly product that’s infinitely recyclable – so straight away your company is putting across the message that your organisation means business and that you’re mindful about what kind of impact your workplace has on the planet.

Another great feature is that they’re really versatile. You can literally use them in any setting you like; be it around a conference table for that all-important meeting with a new client, or perhaps as a free gift – perfect for adding that personal touch. Of course, they also look right at home in a restaurant or café.

We can offer different designs to best suit your business, and to give you even more choice, there’s sandblast engraving and high fire colour print options.


Our selection of general barware glasses are stylish and superbly crafted so your brand can stand out with every sip you or your client take from it. Whether it’s a logo, crest or any text you choose, it can be engraved on the glass so it will look stunning in any setting. Cheers to mixing business with pleasure – the right way! 

Whisky Tumblers

 The perfect gift for any client or colleague, these traditional style whisky tumblers look classy and can be used on a daily basis, or if you like, be displayed as a classy memento. There is a large engraving area that can have your personal touch put on it; whether it’s a logo, crest or wording of your choice.

Wine and Champagne Glasses

 Get ready to party in style – while having your brand left in good hands – with our elegant selection of wine and champagne glasses. Both types give your logo, crest or wording, lots of room to shine, and we even have crystal glasses too, which make for even more impressive presents; gift boxes also available.
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