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From budget-friendly packs, right through to high-end mechanical pencils and even eco-friendly ones.
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A lot of businesses just use pens when it comes to marketing their brand, however, pencils are still a great item – especially as they are a relatively low-cost promotional product and can easily be handed out to employees or clients at networking and exhibition events.

At Clear Branding, we have pencils that can suit any workplace; from budget-friendly packs, right through to high-end mechanical pencils and even eco-friendly ones that are made from either recycled newspaper or CD cases, there’s something for everyone.

As with all of our products, we have a wide choice available. There’s the standard (just like you had at school) type, Carnival Colouring pencils (half size 6 pack), wooden carpenter pencil; suitable for spot colour or full colour printing to a large branding area, a 3-in-1 Highlighter pencil that allows you to highlight your work without obscuring the text beneath.

If you want something a bit more sophisticated, there’s our range of designer gift pencils that look like ballpoint pens – why not try the Pierre Cardin Lustrous Mechanical Pencil that comes in either chrome or 22-carat gold, and then there’s the Da Vinci Lucerne Mechanical Pencil; in chrome or gold plate. So you see, just because they’re pencils they don’t have to be ordinary. In fact, we’re confident that there’s a pencil to suit just about any campaign.

Sprout™ | Pencil

 Here’s something a little different: with BIC’s Sprout pencil, you can use it, plant it and watch it grow! Yes, as you guessed it, this amazingly unique pencil is environmentally friendly. Made from sustainably harvested wood and, best of all, contains no lead – you can choose between eight different seeds, and the pencil includes a laser engraving imprint which will enable you to leave your logo on there so you’ll really impress your clients with how your doing your bit to help the planet. There’s also an option that includes a customisable cardboard (FSC) with planting instructions (price on demand).

BIC® Evolution® Ecolutions® Eraser pencil

You may think pencils were a little on the boring side, but with the BIC Evolution® Ecolutions® Eraser pencil you may just have to reassess your thinking here. Bold and beautiful, its striking colours immediatey catch the eye – just imagine how your business’ logo will look! Not only is this superior writing tool pleasing on the eye, it’s wood-free in a synthetic resin; made with 52.7% recycled material that will not splinter; even if it’s broken. Resistant HB grade lead. 

BIC® Evolution® Ecolutions® Cut pencil

 BIC’s Evolution® Ecolutions® Cut is another very cool looking wood-free/splinter-free pencil – but this it’s made with even more recycled material – 60% to be exact, so you can feel extra pleased with yourself regarding keeping the planet that little bit happier. Resistant HB grade lead.

Crosby Softy Mechanical Pencil

You’d be forgiven for thinking that this retractable Crosby Softy Mechanical Pencil was a ballpen, what with its gleaming chrome trim and hidden eraser; just underneath the clip – but, yes, it is a pencil, and a very fine one at that. Features a 0.5mm refillable lead. 

Recycled Mechanical Pencil

Okay, this pencil is made from plastic, but before you start feeling bad, it’s worth knowing that it’s made from recycled plastic – so this will go some way in reducing those landfills. Sleek in design; available in black or white, you can choose to have your business’ logo either on the barrel or the clip.

Crosby Softy Mechanical Pencil

Behold the Bambowie pencil. Not only does this super eco-friendly pencil look and feel amazing, it’s made from natural bamboo and has a stylish gunmetal-coloured trim throughout. The Bambowie will do wonders for your brand, impressing everyone you give it to, and it also writes like a dream.
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