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Desktop Promotional Merchandise

You’ll be surprised how quickly our desks and offices promotional products can work their marketing magic for your business...
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Desktop Promotional Merchandise

Clear Branding’s desktop promotional range are effective tools for brand exposure and customer retention. From corporate offices to home setups, these tangible marketing items maintain their relevance, making a memorable impact on clients and partners.

What’s particularly great with this business-boosting selection of products is that they’re so versatile and fun, for example, why not impress the gadget geeks with our foldable Zeta desktop lamp and weather station, which also tells the time and has an alarm function. Another great gadget is the Malabar desktop wireless charging pad that features an eco-friendly bamboo top, or how about our nifty credit card calculators and flash drives – ideal for the office environment or when you’re out and about with a client. 

Getting away from electronic items, there’s the desktop tube garden that has an easy-to-use twisting lid, growing instructions, seedsticks and organic soil coin; available with wildflowers or mixed herbs seeds. Alternatively, we have PVC document wallets that can have your business logo printed on them, or Sandringham Nappa leather business card holder; with travel or Oyster card window. So you see, at Clear Branding, there’s a huge selection of desktop promo products that are not only practical but are also ideal for getting your business to stand out from all the others.

These items, such as branded pens, calendars, mouse pads, and desk organisers, find their place in the everyday work routine, ensuring constant visibility. Their practicality transforms them into long-lasting marketing assets. When strategically chosen, these items can communicate a company's message and values. They serve as reminders of the brand, fostering brand loyalty and recall. Moreover, they create a personal connection, as recipients often integrate them into their workspace. From corporate offices to home setups, these desktop items act as subtle yet powerful marketing agents. In a digital age, these tangible promotional materials maintain their relevance, making a memorable impact on clients and partners.

Wire&Stand Bamboo Wireless Charging Stand 

Impress your clients when you give them this wireless charging stand that’s made from super-sustainable bamboo. Not only does this office accessory lean into the eco-friendly category, it also looks great, so your brand awareness is also taken care off too! It comes with a double coil wireless charger for 1 device, plus a stand so smartphones start charging as soon as they’re placed on it. Output: DC5V/1.0A. Compatible with latest Androids, iPhone® 8, X and newer.

Real Wood Oak Coaster

When you really want to make an impression, these Real Wood Oak Coasters are the ultimate marketing accessory. Made from think 9mm solid oak and cork backing, with a 92mm round or square area – these coasters simply look incredible. They can even have a full-colour print to the top surface, and can be supplied laser engraved (different costs). Satin wood oil finish.

Stress Ball - House Shape

Great for stress, and their perfect marketing accessories – how can you not love these house-shaped stress balls. Suitable for spot colour and full colour printing.

Mouse Mat

This thick foam mouse mat is designed to have full-colour images printed on it so your business logo will look amazing on it – the only limits are your imagination! Perfect for the office or home – plus they make great gifts, and would make ideal giveaways at trade shows and networking events.
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