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Eco Name Badges

Our reuseable window badges are not only extremely eco-friendly, but cost effective to your business.
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Communicate your commitment to the planet

Eco name badges

If your business is thinking about being kinder to the environment, reducing its waste and carbon footprint – while also helping to keep spending down – then you should check out our eco-friendly window badge range. They’re perfect for medium-to-high-staff-turnover organisations as it allows the name to be changed without incurring the cost of ordering additional badges.

These particular planet-friendly items typically last three times longer than the equivalent personalised name badge, but, best of all, they are made in the UK and comprised of 100% recycled plastics along with a combination of other optional sustainable materials such as bamboo and solid oak. They can even go back to being recycled at the end of their life.

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For staff who really want to stand out and look super slick, the metal faced window badge definitely ticks all the boxes. 

Made with 100% recycled plastic back and faced with a large selection of real metal finishes, the quality is immediately apparent – and there are even two sizes available; with a choice of either single line, name only double line, name and title and window depths. The badges are printed in pantone matched spot colours and for added convenience, Addprint labels are supplied on A4 perforated sheets, and in combination with Addprint labelling software, makes the production of personalised name tag inserts simple and can be printed using any standard A4 desktop printer.  


When you’re looking for a ‘super tough’ design that’s guaranteed to last for a very long time, then the anti-scratch reusable badge is great value for money.

Again, made from 100% recycled plastic, this badge has the added option of being fitted with a dome cover – giving it a proper premium finish – and you can print replacement name cards on an A4 desktop printer using Addprint software and inserts. 


Solid oak is such an amazing and sustainable material. Not only does it look incredible with its golden brown colour and distinctive visible grain, it’s also very strong which makes it the perfect choice when considering a badge that looks visually impressive and has great longevity. Combined with 100% recycled plastic – with laser engraved, or full-colour printed name tags that can be replaced yourself with Addprint software – the oak option is in a class of its own. 


This style of badge is great if you want something that’s a bit quirky and fun – plus it’s ideal for businesses with a high staff turnover. Made from recycled aluminium, the blackboard style is a new take on the reusable badge and can be supplied blank or printed with your logo. What makes it even more unique and personal to the wearer is that they can write their own name on the front using liquid chalk pens, how cool is that?


These particular badges are designed to hold business card-sized inserts (85x55mm) and are ideal for any exhibition and event. They come with crocodile clips and safety pin fittings as standard – plus they are lightweight, cost effective and, best of all, versatile.


Want to go to an event and need to display what you’re all about? Then look no further as these lightweight plastic wallets come as standard with lanyards and, with the right design, are perfect for helping you stand out from the crowd. What’s even better is that they can be reused time and time again and are extremely affordable. ‘Available fittings’ and ‘printing badges’ sections remain the same


Our standard fittings are a choice of simple pin or combination clip and pin. If preferred we can supply clothing friendly strong magnet fittings. If you have a specific requirement please get in touch.


All our reusable window badges are supplied with perforated name cards on A4 sheets. The Web2Print software makes creating replacement labels super quick and super easy. Simply enter the details required and print your cards through a desktop printer. Call the team to discover how we can make your event run smoothly with Web2Print.
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