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You can easily find a use for these nifty drinkware products
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Steel / Thermal

Sitting adjacent to Clear Branding’s eco range is our stainless steel/thermal selection of cups, bottles and flasks; available in all manner of sizes, shapes and colours. 

Whatever the weather, sporting activity – or time of year – you can easily find a use for these nifty drinkware products. And, even better, they’re ideal for a spot of brand marketing too.

Steel ticks those green boxes perfectly due to its environmentally friendly manufacturing process requiring no chemicals, so no chemical waste, and you can recycle it repeatedly. It’s perfect for keeping liquids cool or hot, and you can choose from your own choice of Pantone colour; applied in a gloss or satin finish to the outer body of the bottles. 

Another popular steel item is the thermal mug – just the thing to accompany you to the great outdoors, as it’s sturdy and will keep your drink warm and safe in whatever weather you may find yourself in. We also have a choice of BPA-free plastic thermal mugs; some with handles, lids, and ones that are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Eevo-Therm Essentials

The Eevo-Therm Essentials is a a premium double-walled thermal beverage container crafted from 304 food-grade stainless steel. This sleek design is offered in a glossy silver, white, black, vibrant red (186c), and deep navy (281c), providing options to suit your style and business brand. Customise with either a minimalist screen print for a classic touch or opt for our vibrant full-colour 360 digital printing. Experience the exceptional insulation that keeps liquids hot for an impressive 12 hours and refreshingly cold for up to 24 hours.

Duo ColourCoat Eevo-Therm Bottle

With these super-funky bottles you can have two Pantone colours of your preference and have them expertly applied in either a glossy or satin finish to the exterior – resulting in a stunning gradient effect and giving your business logo the perfect canvas to really pop out! Not only that, they’re crafted from premium 304-grade stainless steel and can keep beverages hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours.

Photo Eevo-Kulus Bottle

Elevate your brand with the top-notch Photo Eevo-Kulus Bottle thermal drinks bottle, meticulously crafted from high-grade 304 stainless steel! Make a statement with a vibrant full-colour print that will showcase your business in style. Perfect for small batches, our Dye Sublimation printed Thermal Bottles start at just 30 units. Not only does it flaunt your logo beautifully, but it also keeps liquids hot for a cozy 12 hours and refreshingly cold for a full 24 hours.

Thermal ColourCoat Flask

This fantastic stainless steel flask is the perfect marketing accessory for showcasing your brand in vibrant Pantone colours. Choose from a glossy or satin finish to make your logo truly stand out on the high-quality, double-walled body. The flask features a sleek black lid that doubles as a cup, and a secure push-button lid for effortlessly dispensing your favourite beverages.  

Eevo-Therm Etched Bottle

 If you want to really make your mark like never before, then the Eevo-Therm Etched bottle should be top of your list. Made from premium 304 grade stainless steel, it’ll keep those sips steamy for 12 hours or nice and cold for a whopping 24. This particular bottle is available in silver, white, or black – all adorned with a cutting-edge Etching technique. Your design doesn't just sit on the bottle; it becomes a permanent part of it! We're talking 3D vibes and a touchable, high-quality finish that screams sophistication. Not only that, for that extra oomph, you can have your logo on the second side for a minimal extra cost.

ColourCoat Capezza Thermal Bottle

The Capeeza Thermal Bottle will help you get your business noticed straight away – with a selection of Pantone colour that comes in either sleek gloss or satin finish on the outer body, which can then be complemented by your choice of screen print or cutting-edge 360 digital design. Crafted with retail-quality precision, the double-walled construction of the Capeeza ensures superior performance; keeping liquids piping hot for a very impressive 12 hours, or if you prefer, refreshingly cold for an even more remarkable 24 hours.
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