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Eco Awards

Clear Branding has a winning selection that will really wow you!
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Eco Awards

When you want to celebrate accomplishments while demonstrating your commitment to the environment, Clear Branding has some fantastic glass/crystal awards and trophies that you can put a big green tick next to.

What makes glass so fantastic is that not only it looks beautiful, it also has to be one of the most sustainable materials on the planet because the main component to making glass is silica. Found in sand, silica is considered a renewable and never-ending resource.

The smooth contours and gleaming surfaces make these awards a symbol of achievement that effortlessly captures attention. From sleek, contemporary designs to intricate etchings, our glass awards embody the timeless elegance that stands out on any occasion.

All of the awards can be personalised with logos, names and dates using a variety of decoration techniques including sandblasting engraving and colour printing.

So, next time you want to reward excellence and leave a big impression – but want to be kinder to the planet – Clear Branding has a winning selection that will really wow you!

Bamboo Column Awards 55mm X 55mm X 190mm

Bamboo Oblong Award 95mm X 175mm

Message Block 130mm X 130mm

Real Wood Sunrise Awards 160mm X 140mm

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