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Clear Branding – Awards & Trophies

It’s important in any business to be able to reward great staff when they go that extra mile, so it’s equally important that the award you present looks impressive – after all, it’s no good trying to tell someone they’re valued when presenting them with something that looks decidedly ordinary.

At Clear Branding, our awards that we can supply come in an amazing variety of shapes, sizes an different materials that will really get the message across just how much you appreciate your staff, and value the hard work they put into the business every day.

Aside from being great ways to show appreciation, printing awards and trophies with your custom business details is a great way to keep your brand on constant display, making them perfect for celebrations, conferences and corporate award ceremonies.

We specialise in providing high quality custom awards, and have hundreds on offer, but if you are unable to see exactly what you want on our website get in touch to see what options are available, our team will be only too happy to help you choose that special award, for that special person.

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Sometimes the simplest designs are the best ones and Clear Branding’s Solid Wood Plaque awards, while falling into the ‘simple, yet effective’ category, still look great while having a classy look with the real-wood frames. They even come with an optional strut so you can put the on the shelf, or frame them – it’s entirely up to you!


If you’re looking for something eye-catching then you won’t be disappointed with these pillar plaque awards. Showing off a metal plate and clear acrylic front – supported by chrome pillars – these awards will definitely leave their mark with you. The metal plate even has different design options, perfect for any prize.


This recognition plaque has a classic style to it and is a perfect choice for business, school or community setting. You can choose between landscape or portrait rectangular sizes, but whatever one you go for, you can be rest assured that it will look classy and send a clear message.


You want the personal touch? Then look no further than these stunning Clear Acrylic awards. They can be cut to almost any shape or size and be fully customised. Even the base can be shaped to your own design – giving it a unique character that’s as individual as the person you’re presenting it to.


Another acrylic award that also gives you a wide design choice, while looking beautiful, is this pillar option. If you want metal only then you can have the stunning 4-colour process print, alternatively, go for the metal and front acrylic sheet. Either way, you’ll have an award that shouts quality every time.


There are times when only something a little different will do, so you can relax with the knowledge that Clear Branding has that covered too. Choose from a wide variety of materials and design styles, the only limits are your imagination!


Crystal and Glass Awards look amazing and provide a lasting ornament sure to catch the eye of anyone near it. It’s a conversation piece. Our crystal awards are suitable for bevelling and cutting whereas the Glass Awards are thinner with fewer details but still look beautiful.


The creme de la creme of awards. Solid wood awards come in a selection of woods which are then interwoven with acrylics and metals to create a truly original effect. These can be cut to any shape and a mix of materials so the limit is your own imagination. These awards are stunning and need to be seen to be believed.

Acrylic Awards

Boasting a superior finish along with incredibly flexible designs, our Acrylic awards look amazing standing on a shelf anywhere.

Acrylic awards offer unrivalled flexibility. Beyond our standard shapes and sizes, we are able to create unique designs exclusively for your business. Visually impressive and totally versatile, you will be amazed at what can be created.

The bases can either come with clear / black acrylic bases or real oak and feature clean smooth edges, all thanks to the master craftsmen using state-of-the-art laser cutting technology – which makes for a great blend of contemporary and traditional styling that you will be very proud to present to someone.

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When you want expensive style at an affordable price, this substantial acrylic design blended with real wood perfectly fits the bill. Available in two sizes – on a range of six standard shapes – they are also mounted into either oblong or oval 28mm solid oak bases. You can personalise them too, with a recipient’s or customer’s name – plus, these awards are incredibly versatile as they can be printed in full colour with complex designs, ideal for any industry.


No, we’re not getting morbid, our tombstone award is simply called that because of its shape, and is suitable for any special occasion as it looks stylish and sizeable. Made from 10mm acrylic, it is also mounted into a hefty 45mm oak base which can be laser engraved or printed in full colour. This classy item will also let you add your personal touch via the acrylic piece or wooden base.

Crystal Awards

Award excellence with our equally outstanding glass and crystal designs. Whatever the occasion; from winning sporting events to top operators in the corporate world, these awards can go anywhere and manage to look amazing every time.

No matter what one you go for, they can be personalised with logos, names and dates – using a variety of decoration techniques including sandblasting engraving, colour printing or subsurface engraving.

So, next time you want to reward somebody for going above and beyond, these designs are truly a cut above the rest and are sure to turn all the heads in the room.

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Tough, yet beautiful, these awards are suitable for any occasion. The Optical Crystal used is extremely hard which allows it to be polished to a smooth, flawless finish – and cut or bevelled with brilliant edges. These awards can be decorated or engraved with text and logos of your choice, so whoever is on the receiving end is bound to feel very special indeed.


Versatility and style abound with these awards. Suitable for any type of event, be it for recognition or commemoration, the flat mounted crystal awards are sure to dazzle – with space for innovative decoration too, so they can be as unique as you want them to be.


Score a real result with Clear Branding’s fantastic crystal sports range. From junior clubs to major league success, you’ll find an award for every event – plus you’ll be able to add your crest or logo, recipient names and dates so you’ll be able to reward that sporting hero with a truly special prize. If there’s something you can’t find then don’t worry, just talk to our creative team for getting a more bespoke option via our decoration techniques or why not go for an Acrystalic award.


This design really lets you make a bold message in a timeless, yet modern way. Our plaque range can suit any business or occasion as there is a wide choice of materials, size and structure on offer. New printing technology means you’re not limited to engraving, we can now provide more sophisticated and cost-effective methods that will reduce the price yet increase the impact of your design. We can use screen or digital print – and there’s still engraving available – all on a wide variety of materials such as acrylic, aluminium in gold, silver or bronze and wood. And when it comes to mounting, we also have a large range of solutions so whatever you decide, we can get your plaque displayed in the best possible way. If there’s something we haven’t mentioned but you have thought up in your head, get in touch and we’ll do all we can to help make your creative ideas a reality.

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Simple, yet highly effective – these plaques are made from interior grade MDF bases with additional printed aluminium plate. Available in a choice of sizes, finishes and shapes, each plaque can be wall hung, or can self-stand with the help of a desk strut that’s available separately. They can be printed with a standard design or you can put your own unique look on it – entirely up to you! Metal plates are available in a wide range of finishes including golds and silvers.


For maximum impact, why not choose this award. Manufactured with two sheets of 5mm acrylic and a floating printed metal plate that’s supported on four metal pillars, this award is bold yet classy. Your design really stands out thanks to the minimalist styling, and as an an additional option, we can print on the front acrylic face in combination with the metal plate – giving increased visual impact. These plaques can be created in landscape or portrait style with holes for easy wall hanging. If you want to go for something a little different then special shapes and unique designs are possible including holes and cut- outs, all of which add additional interest to the plaque. For a no obligation consultation, please contact our brand stylists. 

Bespoke Awards

There are times when only something a little different will do, so you can relax with the knowledge that Clear Branding has that covered too! If you’re looking for a unique award, you know something that’s a little bit special – different or bespoke – then let Clear Branding do the rest!

You can choose from a wide variety of materials and design styles; including glass, acrylic, wood and aluminium.

Any shape, size or combination is possible, along with finishing with full-colour print designs, screen printing, dye sublimation and engraving. The only limits are your imagination! And don’t worry if you’re running out of time –simply get in touch with our experienced team and they’ll soon work out the best solution for you.

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