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Personalised name badges

It does exactly what it says on the tin!
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Personalise your team's name badges

It makes the badge personal to your staff and also goes that little bit in helping to make it personal between your business and your customers.  It makes it easier to relate.

We know, before you say it, some staff badges can be boring.

Just as well you found us then!

A badge can be so much more than just a name badge and the team here at Clear Branding will work alongside you to design a badge that stands out and is in line with your company branding.  A name badge is so much more than just a name.

The right badge makes your staff stand out and we’re here to Make It Easy to come up with the best solution for your business.

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You just know this one is going to reek of style and quality. It also comes in a variety of finishes and complex designs. It can be personalised with staff and their position if needed.

The addition of an optional clear dome further enhances this badge and protects the printed surface ensuring the badge lasts for a long time.  


Plastic personalised name badges offer unrivalled flexibility. It’s easy to cut your badge to your unique size or shape to reflect your corporate style. Each badge can be fully colour printed and supports complex designs to showcase your brand, along with names and titles as needed.

You can also enhance the badge with an epoxy dome covering to protect the printed surface.  


Real wood badges use the natural beauty of wood as a backdrop for your brand. Handmade by craftsmen, these badges are made from sustainably sourced oak that is then printed or engraved with your design.

These badges are available in a range of standard sizes with the option of creating special shapes for that unique look and feel for your brand.  


Our standard fittings are a choice of simple pin or combination clip and pin. If preferred we can supply clothing friendly strong magnet fittings. We know every company will have different needs but our standard fittings are great.  
The addition of an optional clear dome further enhances this badge and protects the printed surface ensuring the badge lasts for a long time.  


Not every business is the same. Some need more than the ordinary and we can help with that. We can offer a completely customised solution, completely designed around your business.

We can help with: - Custom designs for your business

- Designing to budget using a wide range of material options

- Advanced customised, online/offline badge order management solutions. 

- Flexible accounting to simplify the entire process of complex badge management scenarios


Where would we be without our beloved NHS?

Managing staff badge requirements can be a full time job sometimes and if you’re in marketing and you’ve designed the badge the last thing you want to be doing is ordering new badges every day. Your time is important.

So we’ve developed a unique online ordering system, which many NHS trusts rely on, where a line manager can log on and enter new staff details and get the badge delivered in record time. This is where we Make It Easy and Make It Fast.

Hint: We recommend the domed finish to help protect the badge from various fluids and solvents.
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