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Branded mugs and drinkware make great promotional gifts.
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Branded mugs and drinkware

The cost of acquiring customers can be a seriously costly activity. But what works best?  It’s the golden ticket, isn’t it? While there’s no easy answer, there are ways to get your business name out there and keep it circulating for a long time to come.

Advertising is becoming increasingly diluted. More and more channels require an increased budget to achieve coverage. Does it really achieve a sound return on investment?

Branded mugs and drinkware make great promotional gifts even if you are not working within the food and drink sectors. The branding area is of a good size, you can add a funny image or memorable message,  and as our mugs are of excellent quality they are likely to last months or even years. So that means that your brand is seen several times a day by your customers. 

Why not fill one of our mugs with some of our branded confectionery? This type of branded Christmas gift is likely to be well-received by anyone. While the sweets will be eaten fairly rapidly, the mug will have a much longer shelf life. 

Combining a gift with your business proposal might just give you the edge when it comes to impressing a potential customer. Talk to a member of our team about the range we have on offer. 

Duraglaze® Durham PhotoMug

Don’t be fooled by thinking what can a simple mug do for my brand as the Duraglaze® Durham PhotoMug will enable your business to really shine and stand out – in full colour photo quality! 

Independently tested to BS EN 12875-4, our mugs are dishwasher proof and will not fade, just pure vibrancy that lasts a lifetime. Available in a variety of body styles; each one perfect canvas for your logo.

Duraglaze® Tall Latte PhotoMug

 Drink up and taste some marketing perfection with the Duraglaze® Tall Latte PhotoMug. Standing taller and trimmer than its Latte counterpart, this mug boasts the groundbreaking Duraglaze® technology that’s independently tested to BS EN 12875-4 and fully dishwasher proof.

From top to bottom, this quality mug embraces full-colour dye sublimation, delivering a level of print quality that's simply unattainable by any other means. Available in a range of body styles, each a blank canvas waiting for your logo to look the best it possibly can.

Satin ColourChange Mug

The Satin ColourChange Mug will really perform some magic for your business with its heat-sensitive coating that lets your custom image come to life when you pour hot water into it.

But wait, there's more! Spice up your mug even further by adding a splash of colour to the base (extra charges apply, of course). We're not kidding around when it comes to quality – our design has undergone a whopping 7-point inspection to ensure you're getting nothing short of the absolute best.

Duraglaze® Marrow PhotoMug

Let your business brand really come to life with the Duraglaze® Marrow PhotoMug. Featuring patent-protected Duraglaze® PhotoMugs, meticulously tested to BS EN 12875-4 standards – they're more than happy to be placed in the dishwasher and will stay as vivid and vibrant for ever. Not only that, they can let your logos shine in full technicolor glory through dye sublimation; giving a photo quality print that has to be seen to be believed.

Duraglaze® El Grande PhotoMug

The El Grande PhotoMug is the ultimate choice for those who crave a larger-than-life sipping sensation! Duraglaze® PhotoMugs are a patent-protected marvel that's been independently tested to BS EN 12875-4, confirming it as 100% dishwasher proof. That means no fading, no dulling – just a mug that stays as vibrant and lively as when you first started using it.

With various body styles to choose from, all printed in full colour through dye sublimation, you really can elevate your brand, one sip at a time!

Lustre Mug

Introducing the LustreMug – where silver or gold mirror finishes meet promotional brilliance! Make your brand shine like never before with a touch of glamour that stands out from the crowd. While the outside glimmers in silver or gold, the inside stays classic in pristine white.

And if that’s not all, this particular mug is made with the TruColour® system, included at no extra cost! This ensures that your promotional mug matches the Pantone requirement flawlessly. No compromises on colour, even on dark glazes!  
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